Derek Morgan (Ed.), Gillian Douglas (Ed.)

Constituting Families: A Study in Governance

United Kingdom Association for Legal and Social Philosophy
19th Annual Conference at Cardiff, April, 1993

Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie – Beihefte (ARSP-B)
Band 57

1. Auflage 1994.

€ 34,00

ISBN 978-3-515-06481-1


Aus dem Inhalt:
Derek Morgan and Gillian Douglas: The Constitution of the Family; Three Waves for Plato
Michael Freeman: The Austin Lecture: The Private and the Public
Katherine O’Donovan: Love’s Law: Moral Reasoning in Family Law
Ruth Chadwick: Moral Reasoning in Family Law: A Response to Katherine O’Donovan
Bob Brecher: What is Wrong with the Family?
John Eekelaar: Parenthood, Social Engineering and Rights
Brenda Almond: Parenthood - Social Construct or Fact of Nature?
Kenneth Norrie: Medical Treatment of Children and Young Persons
John Haldane: Children, Families, Autonomy and the State
Sandra Marshall: Whose Child is it Anyway ?
Derek Morgan: Hope of Deliverance? The Metamorphosis of Surrogacy