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Arend Soeteman (Ed.)

Pluralism and Law

Proceedings of the 20th IVR World Congress Amsterdam, 2001
Volume 4: Legal Reasoning

1. Auflage 2004.
195 S.
ISBN 978-3-515-08503-8



R. Martin: Dworkin's Jurisprudence
R. Bontekoe: Judicial Discretion and Right Answers
W. van der Burg: The Role of Ideals in Legal Dynamics
V. Champeil-Desplats: Axio-Teleological Conflicts of Norms
D. Francavilla: Legal Reasoning in the Hindu Tradition
R. V. Guarinoni: Juridical Norms and the Unity of Practical Reasoning
M. Szabó: Law as Translation
E. T. Feteris: Rational reconstruction of legal argumentation and the role of arguments from consequences
G. Kreuzbauer: Teaching Legal Argumentation
B. Matwijkiw: The Liar in Constitutional Law
H. Hamner Hill: Self-Reference, Self-Amendment, Self-Empowerment and the Validity of Basic Norms
P.-H. Wang: Anderson’s Reduction and Kelsen’s Normativism
F. Toepel: The Problem of Res Judicata
S. Bertea: Contemporary Legal Theory towards a Non-Objectualist Paradigm
A. Peczenik: Law, Justice and System
N. Intzessiloglou: The principle of justice and its LIC function in the globalization era
R. A. Guibourg: On the Certainty of Criteria
D. W. P. Ruiter: Tradeable Public Rights, Institutional Legal Theory and Neoinstitutionalist Economics
B. Pokol: The Concept of the Multi-Layered Legal System
A. Boshoff: Constitutional interpretation: Between past and future
M. Mahlmann: Aspects of a mentalist theory of ethics and law – the example of human rights


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