Massimiliano Carrara (Ed.), Antonio-Maria Nunziante (Ed.), Gabriele Tomasi (Ed.)

Individuals, Minds and Bodies:
Themes from Leibniz

Studia Leibnitiana – Sonderhefte (STL-SO)
Band 32

1. Auflage 2004.
297 S., 1 s/w Abb. Kartoniert

€ 40,00

ISBN 978-3-515-08342-3


Is analytic metaphysics the kind of metaphysics that contemporary analytic philosophers study? One of the aims of this special issue of the Studia Leibnitiana is to demonstrate that it would be misleading to think so. The reason is simply that some important past metaphysicians also adopted an analytic style and G. W. Leibniz is surely one of them. His analysis on the notion of identity and individuality, on the difference between artifacts and biological entities are pieces of analytic metaphysics. The other aim of the volume is to show that there is a close semantic connection between the concepts of individual, mind and body in Leibniz. The book tried to demonstrate it from both an analytical and a historical point of view.