Svein Eng (Ed.)

Proceedings of the 21st IVR World Congress

Lund (Sweden), 12–17 August, 2003
Part II: Law and Practice

Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie – Beihefte (ARSP-B)
Band 97

1. Auflage 2005.
213 S. Kartoniert

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ISBN 978-3-515-08524-3


Jan Wolenski: Philosophers’ and Logicians’ Contributions to Legal Theory
Mark Van Hoecke: Lawyers Legal Theory
Henrik Zahle: “What should I do in this case?” Legal Philosophy between Theory and Practice
Miracy B. Sousa Gustin: Social Complexity and the Teaching of Law: New Concepts and New Roles
Itaru Shimazu: Legal Mind as Basic Faculty for the Citizens of Liberal States
John Bell: Legal Theory in Legal Education – “Anything you can do, I can do meta…”
Bartosz Brozek: Law, Defeasibility and Logical Consequence
Carlos Bernal Pulido: The Structure and the Limits of Balancing
Samuel M. Breasail, Jr.: Weighing and Balancing through Conditional Logics
Harm Kloosterhuis: Analysing and Evaluating Arguments from Principles of Law: a Pragma-Dialectical Perspective
Endre Stavang: Welfare-Based Private Law: The Case of Norwegian Torts
Robert S. Summers: On Giving Legal Form its Due – A Study in Legal Theory
Juan A. Cruz Parcero: On the Structure of Social Rights Norms. A Commentary on Robert Alexy’s Structural Scheme
Guenther Kreuzbauer: Methodological Aspects of Empirical Research in Legal Argumentation
H. José Plug: References to the Intention of the Legislator in Judicial Decisions
C.E. Smith: The Significance of Facts for Judicial Interpretation and the Legitimation of Legal Verdicts
Seppo Sajama: Rules for the Use of Precedents
Thom Brooks: On Jury Nullification
Burkhard Schafer / Jeroen Keppens: “And then there was none”. Indirect Proof and Hypothetical Reasoning in Law
Miklós Szabó: Practical Equivalence
Ghita Holmström-Hintikka: Actions in Legal Argumentation
Pierre de Fornel: Legal Consequences and the Hypothetical Character of Legal Norms