Almut Caspary

In Good Health

Philosophical-Theological Analysis of the Concept of Health in Contemporary Medical Ethics

Geschichte und Philosophie der Medizin / History and Philosophy of Medicine
Band 9

1st Edition 2010.
209 p. hard cover

€ 46,00

ISBN 978-3-515-09318-7


Health is a value-laden concept. The state of being that it designates is a fundamental human goal. As a value, the concept is normative, governing both clinical practice and the therapeutic treatment developed by medical research. Also, the promise of health plays a pivotal role in health-policy discourse. Almut Caspary considers philosophical and theological concepts of health in the context of its practical significance, both in the past and today. This conceptual analysis culminates in a preliminary sketch of a concept of health; focusing on the stem-cell debate, it offers a discriminating approach to contemporary ethical problems in medicine.


Maureen Junker-Kenny, Theologische Revue 110, 2014/4