On behalf of the Institute of Geography at the University of Heidelberg edited by Hans Gebhardt, Michael Hoyler and Peter Meusburger (†).

The prestigious Hettner-Lecture is an annual lecture series at the Department of Geography, University of Heidelberg. It is devoted to the discussion of current theoretical developments in the crossover fields of geography, economics, the social sciences, and the humanities.

During their ten-day stay, the invited guest-speaker presents two public lectures, one of which is transmitted via teleteaching on the Internet. In addition, several seminars give graduate students and young researchers the opportunity to meet and converse with an internationally acclaimed scholar. Such an experience at an early stage in the academic career opens up new perspectives for research and encourages critical reflections on contemporary theoretical debates and geographical practice. In short, the Hettner-Lecture aims both to further the exchange across disciplinary and national boundaries, and to transmit the relevance of geographical thought to a wider audience.

The lecture series is named after Alfred Hettner, Professor of Geography in Heidelberg from 1899 to 1928 and one of the most reputable German geographers of his day, who – not least because of his position as editor of the Geographische Zeitschrift – exerted a profound influence on the development of the discipline in Germany.

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