Angelika Braun

Advances in Phonetics

Proceedings of the International Phonetic Sciences Conference (IPS), Bellingham, WA, June 27-30, 1998

Zeitschrift für Dialektologie und Linguistik – Beihefte (ZDL-B)
Band 106

1. Auflage 1999.

€ 38,00

ISBN 978-3-515-07655-5


S. P. Whiteside / C. Hodgson: Development of Motor Speech
S. P. Whiteside / R. A. Varley: Dual-Route Phonetic Encoding
R. A. Varley / S. P. Whiteside: Evidence from Apraxia of Speech
N. O. Schiller: Masked Priming of Sublexical Units
J. Esling / J. A. W. Clayards: Laryngoscopic Analysis of Pharyngeal Articulations and Larynx-Height Voice Quality Settings
A. Krasovitsky: Russian Vocalic Systems with Vowel Discordance
H. Hollien / K. Liljegren / C. A. Martin / G. DeJong: Prediction of Intoxication Levels by Speech Analysis
R. P. Dixit: Tongue-Palate Contact Patterns of Hindi
H. Hollien / K. Nielson: Problems Created when Vowels Are Sung at Very High Pitches
R. Garrison-Tull: Understanding Performance Problems of Cold-Speech in Automatic Speaker Recognition Systems
S. Werner / M. Vainio: Standardized Comparison of Intonation Models
D. Horga: The Long-Term Average Spectrum as a Measure of Voice Quality in L1 and L2 Speakers
J. Rosenhouse: Pronunciation of Foreign Proper Names in Speakers of American English
S. S. Sarma / S. S. Agrawal: Hindi Speech Data Bases for Research in Speech Recognition and Synthesis
D. Stewart / J. Ming / F. J. Smith: Automatic Syllabification with Application to Continuous Speech Recognition

"This book is an impressive collection of the most current work in the field. ... The editor, Dr. Braun, has done an excellent job of putting theses papers together in an easy-to-read format and capturing the essence of the IPS-98 meeting. The topics have a broad appeal and will familiarize the reader with the types of research currently going on in several areas of Phonetics. It is unusual to find a volume that demonstrates such diversity of topics with a common underlying theme. This book would be of great value to researchers and students alike." The Phonetician