Roger Brownsword (Ed.)

Law and the Public Interest

United Kingdom Association for Legal an dSocial Philosophy
18th Annual Conference at Sheffield 2nd-4th April, 1992

Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie – Beihefte (ARSP-B)
Band 55

1. Auflage 1993.

€ 34,00

ISBN 978-3-515-06261-9


Aus dem Inhalt:
Roger Brownsword: Law and the Public Interest
David Lyons: Normal Law, Nearly Just Societies, and Other Myths of Legal Theory
John Bell: Public Interest: Policy of Principle?
Alan Milne: The Public Interest, Political Controversy, and the Judges
Paul Kelly: Privacy and the Public Interest: A Communitarian View
David Bedingfield: Reply to Kelly: Privacy and the Public Interest
Ross Harrison: Welfare Rights
John Mesher: Welfare Rights: Response to Ross Harrison
Rodney Brazier: A Public Interest in Constitution-Making?
Dudley Knowles: Is Constitutional Reform a Priority?
Norman Lewis: Markets, Regulation and Citizenship: A Constitutional Analysis
Terence Daintith: Comment on Lewis: Markets, Regulation and Citizenship