Werner Maihofer (Ed.), Gerhard Sprenger (Ed.)

Revolution and Human Rights

Proceedings of the 14th IVR World Congress in Edinburgh, August, 1989. Vol. 1

Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie – Beihefte (ARSP-B)
Band 41

1. Auflage 1990.

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ISBN 978-3-515-05612-0


I. Revolution and Law: H.P. Glenn: Law, Revolution and Rights — M.A. Simon: Must a Revolution Preserve Rights? — C. Wellman: Locke's Right to Revolution Reexamined — W.E. Murnion: Aquinas on Revolution — Shing-I Liu: Menschenrecht, Widerstandsrecht u. Revolution — II. Human Rights and Democracy: A. Mineau: L'origine des droits de l'homme — H. Köchler: Menschenrechtskonformität demokrat. Systeme — M. Scheinin: Legal Protection of Human Rights and Different Conceptions of Democracy — J.F. Doyle: Fulfilling Revolutionary Promises — N. López-Calera: Naturaleza dialéctica de los derechos humanos — J. Wetlesen: Inherent Dignity as a Ground of Human Rights — M.-R. Ollila: Virtue Ethics and Violations of Human Rights — P. Durán y Lalaguna: Human Rights in Democratic Society — C.B. Gray: Fraternity and Nonobstante — III. Human Rights and International Law: A. Bragyova: Is it Possible to Base Human Rights on Internaional Law? — L. Lukaszuk: The Concept of Protection of Human and Civic Rights According to the Principles and Rules of Both the International and Constitutional Law — A.N. Georgiadou: Les droits fondamentaux en droit communautaire — IV. Human Rights and Socialism: K.A. Mollnau: Entwicklungsdenken in der Rechtswissenschaft — W. Sokolewicz: Constitutionality as a Precondition of the Rule of Law — R. Wieruszewski: The Principle of Interrelation Between Human Rights and Duties — P.D. Swan: The Contributions of J. Habermas and C. Lefort — A. Lopatka: Revolution and Socialist Renewal in Poland — M. Samu: The Connection Between Human Rights and Democracy — D.J. Galligan: The Foundations of Due Process in Socialism — R. Bellamy: Liberal Rights and Socialist Goals