Paul Widmer (Hrsg.)

Europe in China – China in Europe

Mission as a vehicle to intercultural dialogue. Lectures of the Symposium for the 400th Anniversary of Matteo Ricci (1552–1610), Zurich University June 14th–15th 2010

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ISBN 978-3-515-10140-0


The manifold aspects of the emergence of a thorough cultural exchange between Europe and China from the 16th to 18th centuries still arouse astonishment and demand further reflection. These proceedings of the symposium “Europe in China –China in Europe” in commemoration of Matteo Ricci gather together historical contributions which deepen the understanding of the scientific, artistic and missionary engagement of Matteo Ricci and his followers, as well as, conversely, on the spreading of knowledge about China in Europe.
Michela Fontana and Artur K. Wardega focus their attention on the deeds and accomplishments of Matteo Ricci. Wenmin Xu and Sanle Yu bring almost unknown Jesuits and China missionaries from Switzerland to our notice. Claudia von Collani gives a profound insight into the role of women in the China Mission and its reception in Europe. Erich Zettl is illustrating in a fascinating and exemplary way the artistic side of the Jesuits’ commitment at the court of the emperor. Peter F. Tschudin expounds the history of paper production in China and subsequently in Europe. Jean-Pierre Voiret highlights the problems of the reception of Chinese thought by western missionaries.


"[…] this volume not only is a worthy addition to any Chinese historian's library but also provides valuable pedagogical material."
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