Manuscript submissions

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You have completed your doctoral or postdoctoral work and would now like it to be published? You have organised a successful conference, the findings of which are to be made public? If so, contact us with your project proposal – we would love to hear from you!

Submission procedure

If you would like to submit a research paper, please contact our programme planning department and send us an explanatory exposé and an overview of the (planned) content. If the title fits with our programme, we will ask you for the complete manuscript for review, and in the case of dissertations both evaluations, too. (Dissertations must have been awarded at least the grade magna.) We will discuss with you whether your work is more likely to be a single title or a series title, and then we will initiate the peer review process, if applicable. Since our editors are almost all university professors who have their hands full in their university departments, the review process can unfortunately take some time. Out of consideration for our reviewers, please note that, depending on the series, parallel applications elsewhere are only permitted by arrangement, and do let us know if this is the case.

Are you planning a major research project for which you need a long-term publication partner? Are you working on a standard reference work, a source edition or a commentary? If so, write to us or call us and tell us about your plans. You will find your contact person under > Contact us.