Project guidelines

Photo: FSV / Hugger

From manuscript to book

You would like to publish your first book with us and want to know what is involved in the process? Perhaps you already have several Franz Steiner titles on your list of publications but would like once again to have an overview of what exactly happens when? Here, we will show you the steps that are taken to turn a text into a book.

Step by step to publication

From text preparation and the various stages of proofreading to the approval of the cover and title page, you will find all the steps described in our guide – for both text ready for typesetting and camera-ready submissions. Information on what to bear in mind when requesting reprint rights and corresponding sample texts will help if necessary. In the appendix, we have compiled checklists for editors. These will help them to obtain texts from their contributors in a way that will make it easier for the editor to process texts further.

But of course every project has its own peculiarities that a general guide cannot cover – so, if you have any questions, please write to us, or give us a call!

Here you can download our project guidelines.