Open access

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Golden and green ways

Open Access enables the widest possible dissemination and reception of academic publications. The forms and possibilities for books and journals are now very diverse. Find out more about Green and Gold Open Access and the “Subscribe-to-Open” model.

Not just an activation

To ensure that a file does not just “float around” online, a careful and comprehensive distribution of the metadata is essential in the case of open access publications. Together with specialist service providers such as Knowledge Unlatched, we ensure that your title can be located worldwide in relevant databases and library catalogues, and is thus visible.

Open access publication includes, by default:

  • the assignment of a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and the registration of the metadata with CrossRef so that your title can be permanently accessed worldwide with a reliable link and accordingly cited,
  • the granting of a Creative Commons licence, which keeps your copyright protected,
  • the delivery of the metadata to the relevant open access repositories, such as OAPEN and the DOAB,
  • making the title available for download on our > eLibrary, indexed by Google Scholar, enabling your text to be found with a simple Google search,
  • the long-term archiving of your volume via the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (German National Library), ensuring the long-term availability of the file independent of the publisher.

This cannot be done with just a few clicks so, if you are interested in having an open access publication, please let us know in good time – right at the start of the project in the case of new publications so that we can adjust the costing accordingly. For a gold open access book, we reckon on a fee of between € 3,500 and € 8,000 (plus VAT), depending on the scale and complexity, for example, of the technical preparation required.

If you would like to apply to a foundation for a grant to cover printing costs, please be sure to check their rules regarding open access: with some foundations it is mandatory, while others do not (yet) offer applicable models. Before you lose track of the full picture: we would be happy to advise you!


What is Subscribe-to-Open?

Subscribe-to-open is a transformation model that uses existing subscriptions to release a journal's content as open access. The full year of the journal is published open access under a Creative Commons license.

We have set a threshold to which subscription numbers can fall before the paywall for the journal's content is reactivated. Should the number of subscriptions fall below this threshold any new content would only be available to subscribers.

The advantage of Subscribe-to-Open

The great advantage of this transformation model is that authors are not charged for the release of their articles. That means article processing fees are completely eliminated. Our authors can therefore continue to publish their articles without any fees being charged. The anonymous review process also remains unchanged.

For libraries, the advantage of S2O is that they continue to have access to all content. This remains the case even if the paywall for the content is reactivated, so long as the subscription continues. And booksellers also benefit, because they remain an important partner for us as a publisher and can continue handling subscription renewals.

Information for our subscribers

For our subscribers too, nothing will change under S2O. Subscription fees will finance the transformation to open access.

Subscribers will also continue to receive their regular print copies. We would therefore welcome you continuing to subscribe as before. Should you nevertheless decide to cancel your subscription, we wish to point out that under S2O we require a fixed number of subscribers to secure transformation to open access. If the number of cancellations exceeds a set threshold, the journal will go back behind a paywall. If this were to occur, any new content would no longer be available to you after cancellation of your subscription. However, any articles published open access during the transition would be available to all users free of charge, even after a possible reactivation of the paywall.


If you have any questions about S2O please contact our service:

Phone: +49 711 2582-450
Fax: +49 711 2582-408