Open access

Photo: FSV / Hugger

Golden and green ways

We would be delighted to publish your volume open access – whether it is a new publication or an older backlist title. We offer both gold open access (immediately available for free) and green open access with an embargo period, and we will ensure that your text is easily found online.

Not just an activation

To ensure that a file does not just “float around” online, a careful and comprehensive distribution of the metadata is essential in the case of open access publications. Together with specialist service providers such as Knowledge Unlatched, we ensure that your title can be located worldwide in relevant databases and library catalogues, and is thus visible.

Open access publication includes, by default:

  • the assignment of a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and the registration of the metadata with CrossRef so that your title can be permanently accessed worldwide with a reliable link and accordingly cited,
  • the granting of a Creative Commons licence, which keeps your copyright protected,
  • the delivery of the metadata to the relevant open access repositories, such as OAPEN and the DOAB,
  • making the title available for download on our > eLibrary, indexed by Google Scholar, enabling your text to be found with a simple Google search,
  • the long-term archiving of your volume via the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (German National Library), ensuring the long-term availability of the file independent of the publisher.

This cannot be done with just a few clicks so, if you are interested in having an open access publication, please let us know in good time – right at the start of the project in the case of new publications so that we can adjust the costing accordingly. For a gold open access book, we reckon on a fee of between € 3,500 and € 8,000 (plus VAT), depending on the scale and complexity, for example, of the technical preparation required.

If you would like to apply to a foundation for a grant to cover printing costs, please be sure to check their rules regarding open access: with some foundations it is mandatory, while others do not (yet) offer applicable models. Before you lose track of the full picture: we would be happy to advise you!