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Use of PDF-reprints

Our task is to make our authors’ findings as widely and easily available as possible. To accomplish this, we are investing in data preparation, the generation of metadata and long-time archiving. At the same time, of course, authors have an interest in the ability to (digitally) self-archive their own work. Here you will find our guidelines on this.


When an article is accepted for publication, you transfer the exclusive publication rights to the publisher until the copyright expires. This includes in particular the right to generate electronic copies of the works, to store them in databases and to reproduce and distribute them online and offline.

Personal usage

Personal use is permitted. This includes sending the article to professional colleagues by email or using it in your own seminars and courses. Any commercial use or the systematic dissemination of the contents is not permitted.


If you wish to deposit one of your own articles in an online archive after it was published by Franz Steiner in a journal or anthology, the following rules apply:

  • In the case of contributions published in scholarly journals and anthologies, you may make the published version of your articles available online (“self-archiving”) after a waiting period of 18 months after the article first appears. Such self-archiving is restricted to posting the article on your personal website or storing it on a server belonging to the research institution for which you work. Author profiles on collaborative platforms such as are not considered personal websites and are therefore not covered by the rules regarding permitted personal use. 
  • Permission from the publisher is not required for self-archiving; however, you are responsible for ensuring adherence to the legal conditions stated above.
  • The self-archived online version of the article must be accompanied by complete credits and a link to purchasing information at our publishing house.
  • Materials from third-party sources such as photographs are excluded from these provisions; the right to use such materials must be acquired from the copyright holder, even for self-archiving purposes!
  • Self-archiving before the expiration of the above-stated waiting period is possible for a charge. Please contact us for a price quote.
  • Please contact the publisher for information about the electronic self-archiving of articles which appeared before 1995.

Licences and reprints

Permission from the publisher must be obtained for all other intended uses, whether in print or electronic form. Please contact us for more information. We will be pleased to assist you with any questions concerning rights and licences.