For librarians

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Our range

Our range of > new titles, > journals und > yearbooks offers science and research access to the latest findings from our wide array of subject areas. With the Franz Steiner eLibrary, our publications are also available digitally.

Franz Steiner eLibrary

The > Franz Steiner eLibrary offers easy access to our e-books and e-journals using the latest technology. There are already more than 1,300 e-books and 16 e-journals available, regularly supplemented with new publications and selected backlist titles. 

The > librarian’s webpage of the eLibrary provides up-to-date lists of available titles and packages in Excel format, an overview of our purchase models and terms and conditions, as well as information about trial access for librarians. 

Guide to registration and journal activation

As of January 1, 2021 our e-journals are exclusively hosted on our own Franz Steiner eLibrary. To activate journals which have been subscribed to, librarians can register with the Franz Steiner eLibrary and activate content. For libraries and institutional customers, we provide  instructions on the registration and activation process.

Contact us

For information on packages and prices, or for an individual quote, please contact Paul Osborn:
Phone: +49 170 3229-373
For any other information or queries, please contact Judith Bickel from our service team:

Phone: +49 711 2582-450