Profile Franz Steiner Verlag

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Franz Steiner Verlag

The family-owned, family-run Franz Steiner Verlag publishes longstanding series and journals partly dating back to the 19th century, as well as publications focusing on new research fields in the humanities.

Our programme

Our specialist field is the humanities in – almost – all its aspects. One focus takes in the entire spectrum of historical scholarship from antiquity to the present. Just as firmly anchored in our programme are the journals and series on linguistics and Romance studies, musicology and art history. In addition to general philosophy, legal and social philosophy has developed into an important specialism, while in the geosciences we publish primarily human geography titles. Furthermore, vocational education has become established as a distinct field.

Our programme is developed in close collaboration with academic institutions inside and outside the university and a wide variety of external, international editorial boards, which independently examine and consider proposed titles.

We usually publish new publications in both print and digital form on the publisher’s own library platform. From the classic subscription model to open access, we offer the whole spectrum of publishing models. Every year we publish – primarily in German and English – about 180 of our own publications and commissioned titles from academic bodies. A total of about 4,000 titles are currently available.

Our works are characterised by a high level of craftsmanship and technical rigour. Solid digital data management ensures optimal visibility and reach of the research findings entrusted to us. This commitment to quality contributes significantly to our reputation as one of the most distinguished specialist publishers in Germany.