Chris Lukinbeal


Chris Lukinbeal earned his PhD in Geography from San Diego State University and University of California, Santa Barbara. He is Professor of Geography and the founding Director of the Geographic Information Systems Technology Programs at the University of Arizona (UAGIST).

Modern geography can be thought of as being composed of spatial science, on one hand, and the humanistic study of place, landscape description, and topography, on the other. These two branches of geography have representational practices associated with them: whereas spatial science uses cartography to make mathematical models of the earth, topography, or the practice of describing particular places, is best represented through painting and cinema or practices where one is in touch with place and touching the human condition. Geography is uniquely situated at the philosophical juncture of these two branches, which comes together in Chris Lukinbeal’s work through a concentration on the representational theories and methodologies that unite and differentiate each. It is for this reason that Chris Lukinbeal’s academic record encompasses the spatial sciences through the ongoing development of a cartographic school of thought, UAGIST, and through humanities and cultural geography research focused on cinema, landscape, and visual culture. Over the past three decades he has published widely on topics that engage film, cartography, media, landscape, and geographic education.

Chris Lukinbeal

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