Schriftenreihe des Finnland-Instituts in Deutschland

The Finland Institute serves as a non-profit forum for Finnish culture, science, and economy in German-speaking Europe. At the center of this is the promotion of dialog between Finland, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland regarding the above categories. The Finland Institute counsels and connects these diverse actors with the intention of building long lasting exchange and cooperation. Together with its partners, it offers a broad spectrum and diverse program. The Finland Institute was founded in 1994 as the first cultural institute of Finland in the German-speaking countries. The publication series of the institute handles selected scientific themes.

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Zusammenarbeit in Ausbildung, Forschung und Praxis im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert
Schriftenreihe des Finnland-Instituts in Deutschland, Volume 13
Was die Funktion fordert, die Produktion verlangt und der Markt wünscht
Schriftenreihe des Finnland-Instituts in Deutschland, Volume 8