Markus A. Denzel (ed.)

From Commercial Communication to Commercial Integration

Middle Ages to 19th Century
Markus A. Denzel (ed.)

From Commercial Communication to Commercial Integration

Middle Ages to 19th Century


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Through the ages and in all parts of the world, communication between merchants has been the basic requirement for the integration of economic areas. The transfer of commercial know-how in different aspects such as trading customs, forms of payment and accounting, information on goods and their prices as well as knowledge of supply and demands, kinds and qualities did not only intensify the relationships of merchants or companies, but also of the different markets. The trading centres of the different regions across the continents – having always been the centre of economic knowledge – supported this process even further. From those centres new developments, techniques and learning processes were initiated and spread regionally and even worldwide. Thereby, the communication of merchants helped and forced the integration of new markets and areas into the emerging world economy.

The volume contains contributions by
Michael Bibikov, Renate Pieper, Mehmet Bulut, Claudia Schnurmann, Dennis O. Flynn and Arturo Giráldez, Anne Radeff, Rafael Barquín Gil, Elena Lobanova, Gabriel Imboden, Om Prakash, Joan Carles Maixé-Altés, Markus A. Denzel and Margarete Wagner-Braun

"Der Band ist ein Gewinn."

Vierteljahrschrift für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte 93, 2006/3

"Die gewissenhaft, ... in eleganten Stil präsentierten Arbeiten, rechtfertigen die Aufnahme in die renommierte Reihe der Beiträge zur Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte."

Jahrbuch für Europäische Überseegeschichte
Series Beiträge zur Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte
Volume 100
ISBN 978-3-515-08473-4
Media type Book - Hardcover
Edition number 1.
Copyright year 2004
Publisher Franz Steiner Verlag
Length 272 pages
Illustrations 2 b/w figs., 11 b/w tables, 16 b/w illus., 16 Graf., 11 Tab., 2 Abb. u. 4 Karten
Size 17.0 x 24.0 cm
Language English, French