Alberto Cafaro


Born in 1985, Alberto Cafaro has earnt the BA and MA degrees in Roman Archaeology (Ancient Topography) at the University of Pisa – respectively in 2008 and 2011. His research interests include, by then, voluntary associations (collegia) in Italy and the provinces. At the University of Pisa, he also achieved his Ph.D. in Ancient History (Roman History) in 2017, defending a thesis on the praefectura fabrum.

He has spent research periods in Strasbourg and Newcastle-upon-Tyne and is a member of research projects and archaeological excavations in Italy and Turkey. He is an adjunct professor of Roman History at the University of Siena and a post-doc researcher at the University of Pisa. He is currently working on the economic resources of provincial élites in Italy and Gallia Lugdunensis in the 1st century AD.

Research focus

  • History of political institutions in late republican and imperial Rome
  • Prosopography of the Late Republic and Early Empire
  • Roman Voluntary Associations in Italy and the Provinces
  • Latin Epigraphy
  • Social History

Publishing topics

  • The Significance of the praefectura fabrum in Roman Politics and Society
  • The Economic and Political Resources of the domi nobiles in Italy and the Provinces
  • Senate and Senators in the Late Republic and Early Empire
  • Epigraphic Culture in the Roman Provinces


  • Centro di Studi Sallustiani - L'Aquila
  • The Tacitus Encyclopedia
  • The Gramsci Research Network
  • Amici Populi Romani. Prosopography of the Foreign Friends of the Romans (3rd century BCE-4th century CE)
  • Vada Volaterrana Harbour Project
  • Luna Research Project
  • Misis Höyük Excavation Project
Alberto Cafaro

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Publications by Alberto Cafaro

La "praefectura fabrum" fra legami personali e azione politica (II sec. a.C. – III sec. d.C.)
Historia – Einzelschriften, Volume 262