Almut Caspary

Almut Caspary began her academic career studying medicine and theology in Mainz and Berlin. In 1999 she moved to the UK, where she studied medical ethics in the Department of Theology & Religious Studies at Kings College London. In 2007 she received her PhD in the philosophy of health. Since this time her interest has been in the history and theory of medicine and science policy.
From 2005–2007, Almut Caspary worked as a research fellow in the area of science technology studies. During this period she was appointed by the Scottish government to report on the national consultation phase of the proposed Science and Technology Strategy. She has also worked as academic adviser and co-author of a strategy proposal on religion and anti-discrimination practices for the British National Health Service.
In 2008 Almut Caspary began working in science management at the research campus Berlin-Buch. There, her current interests include the scientific-historical background of the campus, the intertwining of science and politics, and the transfer of basic science to clinical practice.

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Publications by Almut Caspary

Philosophical-Theological Analysis of the Concept of Health in Contemporary Medical Ethics
Geschichte und Philosophie der Medizin / History and Philosophy of Medicine, Volume 9