Jahrbuch der Hambach-Gesellschaft

This yearbook is committed to the legacy of the Hambach Festival of May 1832. The granting of human and freedom rights, a just social order, European unification, and democratic peacekeeping are not the result of a completed historical process but must be defended again and again.

The yearbook, which has been published since 1988, is committed to these goals: academic essays and controversy-stimulating (research) articles make the democratic traditions of German history fruitful for today and, at the same time, help to spread knowledge/insights that is/are indispensable for a democratic community.

In addition, the Forum section publishes essays, lectures, and speeches that provoke discussion or even objection and contribute to political education along the lines of the Hambach tradition.


On behalf of the Hambach-Gesellschaft by

Wilhelm Kreutz
Markus Raasch
Karsten Ruppert

Editorial office

Prof. Dr. Karsten Ruppert



General information

ISSN 0936-501X (print)

ISSN 2748-2472 (online)

Founded: 1988

Publication frequency: annual

Size: 17 x 24 cm

Annual number of pages: ca. 240

Languages: English, German

Review section: No

Publishing information

Please send manuscript submissions to the editors. Submissions must be original articles (no translations) which must not be previously published. During the review process, manuscripts may not be submitted elsewhere. A manuscript submitted to the journal must be ready for publication, the editors do not accept partial or draft versions. In initial submissions, the citation rules of the journal do not have to be strictly followed. Please pay attention to the anonymization of your text so that your identity as author cannot be ascertained directly or indirectly (e.g. by acknowledgments and self-references in footnotes).

All submissions are subjected to peer review. The review process can result in acceptance, the recommendation of revisions or rejection of the manuscript. The author is informed of the decision by email. The editors attempt to reach a decision within 3 months of the submission of the manuscript.

If a manuscript is accepted, the editors request a file with the final version. The final version includes names and acknowledgments. Also, please follow the guidelines of publisher and editors provided below.

You can download our general guidelines for articles in yearbooks and the citation style for Jahrbuch der Hambach-Gesellschaft here:

Guidelines journal and yearbook articles

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