Zeitschrift fuer Regionalgeschichte

The Nordost-Archiv. Zeitschrift für Regionalgeschichte has published an annual volume, each dedicated to a particular thematic focus, since 1992. It is oriented toward the history of regions and relationships, as well as toward cultural studies approaches to areas in northeastern Europe where Germans and other ethnic groups lived alongside one another and together.

This strict thematic focus and coherence distinguish the Nordost-Archiv from other periodicals. An international editorial board ensures the high standards of the journal, which utilizes a double-blind peer review process.

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Edited by

Nordost-Institut (IKGN)

Institut für Kultur und Geschichte
der Deutschen in Nordosteuropa e.V.
an der Universität Hamburg
Lindenstr. 31
21335 Lüneburg

Editorial office

Anja Wilhelmi (editor-in-chief)
Agnieszka Pufelska
Beatrice Stieglitz

Nordost-Institut (IKGN)
Institut für Kultur und Geschichte der Deutschen in Nordosteuropa e.V. an der Universität Hamburg 
Lindenstr. 31
21335 Lüneburg

Advisory board

Andres Kasekamp (Tartu), Nikolaus Katzer (Hamburg), Claudia Kraft (Wien), Ilgvars Misans (Riga), David J. Smith (Glasgow), Darius Staliunas (Vilnius), Robert Traba (Olsztyn), Elena Zubkova (Moskau)


General information

ISSN 0029-1595 (print)

ISSN 2749-5000 (online)

Founded: 1992

Publication frequency: annual

Size: 17 x 24 cm

Annual number of pages: ca. 300

Languages: English, German

Review section: Yes

Validation: double blind peer review

Publishing information

Each volume is edited by guest editors responsible for planning and conception of the texts and for searching suitable authors. Submissions must be original articles (no translations) which must not be previously published. During the review process, manuscripts may not be submitted elsewhere. Please pay attention to the anonymization of your text so that your identity as author cannot be ascertained directly or indirectly (e.g. by acknowledgments and self-references in footnotes).

All submissions are subjected to double blind peer review. The review process can result in acceptance, the recommendation of revisions or rejection of the manuscript. The author is informed of the decision by email. The editors attempt to reach a decision within 3 months of the submission of the manuscript.

If a manuscript is accepted, the editors request a file with the final version. The final version includes names and acknowledgments. Also, please follow the guidelines of publisher and editors provided below.

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Nordost-Archiv, Volume 32
Das Erbe des Imperiums: Multinationale und regionale Aspekte der Ukrainischen Revolution 1917–1921 / The Legacy of Empire: Multinational and Regional Aspects of the Ukrainian Revolution 1917
Nordost-Archiv, Volume 31