Oriens et Occidens

Studien zu antiken Kulturkontakten und ihrem Nachleben

This series is primarily dedicated to processes of cultural, political, and economic exchange, as well as transformations and entanglements, in ancient Afro-Eurasia. It critically explores traditional notions of cultures in ethnically closed, culturally homogeneous, and territorially limited spaces. The afterlife and the reception of such entanglements and transformations are also pursued in the transdisciplinary series, which understands history as an interpretive power and a concept of order.

Oriens et Occidens offers a publication platform for the disciplines of Egyptology, Arabic and Semitic Studies, Archeology, Biblical Studies, Ethnology and Anthropology, History (Ancient, Middle, Modern and Global History), Indology, Iranian and Indo-European Studies, Islamic Studies, Jewish Studies, Sinology, Transcultural Studies, and Central Asia Studies.

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Edited by

Prof. i.R. Dr. Josef Wiesehöfer

Universität Kiel
Institut für Klassische Altertumskunde
Leibnizstr. 8
24118 Kiel

In cooperation with

Pierre Briant, Geoffrey Greatrex, Amélie Kuhrt, Robert Rollinger

Oriens et Occidens

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ISSN 1615-4517 (print)

ISSN 2699-2647 (online)

Founded: 2000

Size: 17 x 24 cm

Languages: English, French, German

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Please send manuscript submissions to our acquisition managers or to the editor of the series. Submissions must be original texts (no translations) which must not be previously published. During the review process, manuscripts may not be submitted elsewhere. Monographs must be complete and fully finished. For multi-authored volumes contact us as early as possible with details of the planned contributions. In initial submissions, our publication guidelines or citation rules do not have to be strictly followed.

All submissions are subjected to peer review. The review process can result in acceptance, the recommendation of revisions or rejection of the project. You will be informed of the decision by email. We attempt to reach a decision within 3 months of the submission of the manuscript.

Your manuscript has been accepted for Oriens et Occidens, you have your publishing contract in your hand, and now you would like to know what happens next? Here you can download a guide which will give you an overview of the book-making process and information on the citation styles of our series. Every project is different, however, and we prefer tailor-made solutions to standardisation down to the last detail. So, if you have any questions, please write to us or give us a call.

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