Abhandlungen zu Migration und Flüchtlingsfragen

The series Abhandlungen zu Migration und Fluechtlingsfragen (“Treatises on Migration and Refugee Problems”), edited by the Forschungsgesellschaft für das Weltflüchtlingsproblem – AWR (“Research Society for the World Refugee Problem”) handles questions regarding migration and flight, and illuminate international, European, and national perspectives. 

The authors of the contributions, in either german or english, are experts in the field of migration. This series dedicates itself, on one side, to the research of basic concepts, and on the other side, it uses collected volumes to confront land-specific approaches through state communities and individual states. Illustrative of this are the topics Gender Specific, Non-State Persecution, Repatriation of Refugees in Germany, Migration, Occupation, and Social Security, Unaccompanied Minor Refugees, and Family Reunification. Further volumes will be released at irregular intervals.

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Ralf Roßkopf (ed.), Réka Friedery (ed.), Luigino Manca (ed.)
Family Reunification
International, European and National Perspectives
Abhandlungen zu Migration und Flüchtlingsfragen, Volume 7