Elisabeth Engel


Elisabeth Engel is a scholar of North American history in the modern era. Her main areas of interest are economic and religious history, imperial history, and African American history. Her publications include the award-winning monograph, Encountering Empire: African American Missionaries in Colonial Africa, 1900-1939 and articles in the Journal of Global History and the Journal of American Studies. Currently, she works on her second book project on the emergence of ideas of risk and insurance activities on the American continent during the age of revolutions, 1770–1840.

Elisabeth Engel has been the research fellow for North American and Transatlantic history at the German Historical Institute Washington DC. Prior to that, she has taught at Free University of Berlin, and the Universities of Kassel, Cologne and Trier. She received her PhD in modern history from Free University Berlin in 2014, after attending the Graduate School of North American Studies of the John F. Kennedy Institute.

Publishing topics

  • African American history
  • 19th century Protestant missionary movements
  • British and US imperialism
  • Risk and insurance
  • American capitalism


  • Franz Steiner Preis for Transatlantic History, 2015
  • DFG doctoral stipend, 2009-2013 (German excellence initiative)

Photo: © Nora Hilgert

Elisabeth Engel
© Photo: Nora Hilgert

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Publikationen von Elisabeth Engel

African American Missionaries in Colonial Africa, 1900–1939
Transatlantische historische Studien, Band 56