Yasutomo Morigiwa

Nagoya University. He teaches legal theory, legal ethics and anti-corruption in English, as well as in Japanese. After beginning his career at the University of Tokyo, he worked on theories of law and language at Oxford with Profs. H. L. A. Hart, R. Dworkin, and J. Raz. He is now active in work on interpretation, and in promoting the practical import of legal philosophy explaining to the practicing jurist the nature of professional responsibility.

He was the Acting President of the IVR (International Association of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy) from 2009 to 2011, and a member of its Executive Committee since 2003. He is also a Director of IAOLE (International Association for Legal Ethics) and JALP (Japan Association of Legal Philosophy).

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Publikationen von Yasutomo Morigiwa

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