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Ralph L. Dietl

Equal Security

Europe and the SALT Process, 1969–1976

251 p.
soft cover
ISBN 978-3-515-10453-1


Superpower détente during the Nixon-Ford Administration led to the formation of an East-West regime aimed at conflict control and systemic stability. 'Equal Security' was the proclaimed goal. By institutionalizing bipolarity, however, the bilateral US-SU Strategic Arms Limitation Talks actually threatened Western European security, for global security and Alliance security were ultimately incompatible. NATO Europe feared the emergence of a global directorate of the superpowers and became apprehensive that the US would be ready to abandon the cause of Europe and sacrifice European and German unity for the sake of a stable world order. In reaction, NATO Europe sought to shape the SALT process to ensure that equal security applied to all – the Soviet Union, the United States and the European Allies.

The volume analyses the linkages between SALT, MBFR, NATO and the special Anglo-American nuclear relationship. It also explores how NATO Europe penetrated US decision-making and co-shaped the US SALT agenda and how Scoop Jackson Democrats and NATO Europe aligned to preserve Western block superiority, freezing the SALT II process. Based on recently declassified European archival material, the volume offers a fresh interpretation of and a 'new look' at SALT.


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