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Gary Forsythe

Livy and Early Rome

A Study in Historical Method and Judgment

1. Auflage 1999.
147 S.
ISBN 978-3-515-07495-7


By quantitative and thematic analysis of a carefully defined set of data this book examines Livy's caution toward the quasi-historical traditions of early Rome recorded in his first ten books, the limitations of his historical judgment, and how he tried to resolve conflicts in his sources. It also treats his religious outlook and his use of digressions and historical speeches.

"The complexity of the database is admirable and shows the length to which Forsythe has gone in order to maintain an 'objective' stance towards Livy's material. However, this is decidedly a book for the expert. It should provide a convenient starting point for professional historians and historiographers wishing to investigate Livy's working methods and his approach to the traditions of early history of the Rome."
Scholia Reviews

"F. has opened the door for further work in the neglected area of Livy's 'anonymous' citations and his authorical comments. The major contributions of Livy and Early Rome are F.'s articulation of method and the provision of analytical tools for achieving historical objectives. Their value will be confirmed by future scholarly work." International Journal of Classical Tradition


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