Cicero and Roman Religion

Eight Studies

Cicero and Roman Religion

Eight Studies

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This e-book gathers eight papers devoted to specific aspects of Cicero's engagement with Roman religion, and seeks to make a wider contribution to the understanding of Cicero's work as historical evidence. By engaging with religion as a fundamental factor of social cohesion and political stability, both in his theoretical works and his speeches, Cicero shaped a wide-ranging and ambitious discourse around themes and images that were firmly located in first-century BCE Rome. His contribution also proved very influential in the centuries to come.

The volume focuses on the relationship between law, religion, and religious authority in Cicero; the interplay between divine images, ritual contexts, and the conceptualization of the divine; Cicero's construction of a Greek deity for a Roman audience; the role of religious elements in the shaping of a Roman political identity; the tension between 'natural law' and Roman pietas; the problem of divine and human foresight; the relationship between theoretical views of the gods and late Republican public cult; and the reception, use, and readaptation of Ciceronian theology in the English Enlightenment.

"The strengths of the volume lie in its demonstration of the variety of methods available for analysing Cicero's approaches to religion; the potential for further research [...] and [...] in a contemporary era which has a welcome openness to intercultural awareness."

Alexander Nice, Latomus 3 (2021)

"Insgesamt versammelt der band eine Reihe vielfältiger und innovativer Beiträge, die Ciceros Ausführungen zur Religion über den Erkenntnisgewinn in Bezug auf religiöse Alltagspraktiken der römischen Kultur hinaus nutzbar machen."

Annina Frangenberg, H-Soz-Kult, 15.02.2021
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