Benjamin Etzold

Dr. Benjamin Etzold is a research associate and lecturer in the Department of Geography at the University of Bonn. He holds a PhD in Geography and a Diploma degree in Geography, Sociology and Political Science. He conducted his PhD research in Dhaka on street vendors, food security and contested urban governance within the programme "Megacites-Megachallenge: Informal Dynamics of Global Change", funded by the German Research Foundation. He was also part of the UNU-EHS/CARE-research project "Where the Rain falls", in which the relations between rainfall variability, food security and migration were investigated in northern Bangladesh.

His broader research interests are nested in the fields of social geography, political geography, development studies, migration studies and urban studies. As a lecturer, he teaches courses in development geography, migration and globalization, social geography, and empirical research methods.

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Publikationen von Benjamin Etzold

Contested Governance and Vulnerabilities in Dhaka's Field of Street Vending
Megacities and Global Change / Megastädte und globaler Wandel, Band 13