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Alex McAuley

Alex McAuley received his PhD in Ancient History from McGill University after a Masters in Classics at the University of Edinburgh. He is now a Lecturer in Classics in the Department of Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. In addition to his focus on localism and globalization in the Ancient World, he has published a variety of works on Seleukid genealogy, dynastic practice, royal women in the Hellenistic World, as well as the reception of antiquity in popular culture. He is the original author and ongoing editor of the Seleukid Genealogy project.

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Altay Coskun (Hrsg.), Alex McAuley (Hrsg.)

Seleukid Royal Women
Creation, Representation and Distortion of Hellenistic Queenship in the Seleukid Empire

Historia – Einzelschriften
Band 240

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