Hellenism in the East

Studies on Greek Intellectuals in Palestine

Hellenism in the East

Studies on Greek Intellectuals in Palestine

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While Jewish Palestine has been at the focus of scholarly interest, Greek Palestine has not yet received similar attention. This book attempts to investigate the intellectual life in that country in the Hellenistic world and in the Roman Empire. The two perspectives taken are a full prosopographical survey of Greek intellectuals in ancient Palestine and an in-depth study of the Greek intellectuals in one particular city, Ascalon. A survey of the penetration of Latin among the educated Greek-speaking inhabitants of the country concludes the book.

Joseph Geiger (DPhil Oxon, Shalom Horowitz Professor of Classics Emeritus, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) is the author of over one hundred learned articles, ranging from historiography and biography to intellectual history, with forays into Talmudic studies and classical topics in art and literature. His books include Cornelius Nepos and Ancient Political Biography, Masada II: The Latin and Greek Documents (with H.M. Cotton), and The First Hall of Fame: A Study of the Statues of the Forum Augustum. He was Visiting Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and Visiting Professor at Heidelberg and Yale.

"Geiger’s study will be an indispensable resource for those investigating ancient Paletine, and fills a considerable gap in modern scholarship by examining the specifically Hellenic component of Palestine’s intellectual landscape. As a source reference it is both convenient and astute."

Fotini Hadjittofi, Evphrosyne: Revista de filología clássica 44, 2016

"...ein Referenzwerk [...], von dem weitere Untersuchungen zur Bildungsgeschichte Palästinas ausgehen können und sollten."

Marcus Sigismund, Bonner Jahrbücher 214, 2014
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