Imperial Cult and Imperial Representation in Roman Cyprus

Imperial Cult and Imperial Representation in Roman Cyprus

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Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean, came under Roman domination during the late Republican Civil War. Due to its position outside of the political and strategic centres of the Empire, Roman Cyprus was something of a terra incognita among ancient historians. This e-book investigates communication between this "quiescent" province and the Roman emperor through the exploration of fascinating epigraphic evidence concerning the imperial cult and imperial representation on the island (dedications, statues, oaths, priests, calendars etc.). The central themes of the e-book are the religious status of the emperor embedded in the Cypriot religious milieu, political relationships between Cyprus and the Empire and their influences on the imperial cult performed on the island, and the part played by imperial representation in the life cycle of the Cypriots. The appendix catalogues the relevant inscriptions, with translations and other related information.

"Fuji´s book is a learned and very important work that should be read by everyone interested in Cyprus and the imperial cult in general."

Soren Lund Sorensen, Kristina Winther-Jacobsen, Bryn Mawr Classical Review

"important monograph", "Fujii should be commended for producing a compelling exploration of cultural change in Roman Cyprus that should serve as a useful resource to both Cypriot and Roman historians."

Michael Gordon, American Journal of Archaeology 118.2, 2014

"Takashi Fujii's book on the imperial cult and imperial representation in Cyprus […] is undoubtedly an important, original and valuable synthesis on matters in Roman Cyprus."

Maria Kantirea, Sehepunkte 13, Nr. 9, 2013
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