The transmission of health practices (c. 1500 to 2000)

The transmission of health practices (c. 1500 to 2000)

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Little attention has been paid so far to understanding the transmission of health knowledge from the different health agents to the various target groups. Knowledge areas include chronic disease, communicable disease, consumer health, environmental health, human sexuality, mental health, nutrition, physical fitness, and drug use/abuse. Given the fact that there has already been considerable analysis of the role of physicians in the transmission of health knowledge, this volume focuses on other health agents. The health practices discussed are, among others, maternity and pregnancy, prevention of venereal diseases, dental hygiene, drug addiction and alcohol abuse, nursing skills and techniques, childcare, homosexuality and mental health. There can be no doubt that the theme of the transmission and implementation of medical knowledge holds great potential for the future research of the history of medicine.

"cet ouvrage qui aura comme vertu (...) d'inspirer de nouvelles et ingénieuses recherches ouvrant sur une compréhension toujours plus documentée et subtile des mécanismes de transmission en matière de comportement de santé propres aux sociétés contemporaines."

Joelle Droux, Gesnerus 70, 2013/1
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