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Annemarie Müller

Areas at Risk – Concept and Methods for Urban Flood Risk Assessment

A Case Study of Santiago de Chile

265 p., 43 b/w tables.
75 z.T. farb. Abb., soft cover
ISBN 978-3-515-10092-2


Urban expansion and associated land-use changes increase both flood hazards and exposure. This book provides a conceptual and methodological framework for the analysis of urban flood risk in dynamic and complex settings, and proposes a comprehensive, system-oriented, integrated approach for its assessment.
The risk assessment is carried out using case-specific indicators on the sub-city scale in two municipalities of Santiago de Chile. Relevant information is derived from various geodata sources, and together with explorative scenarios, is used to estimate future risk development. All data about hazard, elements at risk, and their vulnerability are compiled to a GIS-based risk map to join the risk-relevant components, to show their interrelations, and to provide a tool for monitoring and evaluating their changes over time. Finally, previous deficits in flood risk prevention and mitigation are outlined and recommendations on risk reduction are made.


"[This book] presents a comprehensive and rigorous methodology to analyse and assess flood risk in Santiago de Chile. […] Urban planners, policy-makers and academic researchers working in the general area of urban flood analysis and assessment will find this book to be a useful addition to their reading list or reference library."

Eckart Ehlers, Erdkunde 66, 2012/4


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