Dialectics of Religion in the Roman World

Dialectics of Religion in the Roman World

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Recent scholarship has seen a general turn from separate entities to relations and inclusivity, from static and systemic views to a focus on historical processes and fluidity. Dialectical thinking fundamentally builds on the entwinement of social interactions, inclusivity, contradictory relations, and historical movement. Yet, it is underrepresented in current research of Roman society and religion. Therefore, this volume intends to foreground dialectical thinking as a critical and constructive way to expose and analyse the dynamism, diversity, and discrepancies of religion in the Roman world. Based on critical theories and archaeological, epigraphic, and literary sources, the authors discuss cults, ranging from Mars Thincsus and Mithras to Magna Mater and the deified emperors, in diverse contexts across the Mediterranean from East to West (the Hauran, Asia Minor, Jerusalem, Dalmatia, Gaul, Britain, and Rome). Together, they give a taste of the potential of dialectical approaches for enhancing our understanding of Roman society and religion.

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