Living Translocality

Space, Culture and Economy in Contemporary Swahili Trade

Living Translocality

Space, Culture and Economy in Contemporary Swahili Trade

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Mobility not only challenges the everyday lives of millions of people, it also challenges scientific understandings of society, culture and space. Based on long-term mobile ethnographic research connecting Zanzibar, the Tanzanian mainland, Mombasa, Dubai and London, this volume takes up this challenge by exploring the translocal space emerging around contemporary Swahili trade. Examining translocality as a lived experience, the book succeeds in refining often overly abstract notions of mobile settings and relational space.

Ausgezeichnet mit dem Dissertationspreis 2012 fuer Humangeographie, verliehen durch den Verband der Geographen an Deutschen Hochschulen (VGDH).

"Perhaps my favorite component of this book is that Verne works diligently to instill the complexity of applicable socio-spatial theories to her observations and research."

Jennifer L. Smith, Pennsylvania Geographer 56, 2018/1

"In Living Translocality Julia Verne has given us an exemplary ethnographic cultural geography. Combining conceptual engagement and in-depth ethnographic knowledge, she offers an original and important account of translocal geographies."

Philip Crang, Royal Holloway, University of London
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