Martin Heidegger: Theorist of space

Martin Heidegger: Theorist of space

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[P]erhaps one of the clearest introductions to Heidegger’s thinking.

Mikko Joronen, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 28, 2010
Explaining Heidegger’s ideas on spatial phenomena simply and succinctly, this book will be provocative and invaluable to anyone interested in space and spatial theory. The author gives incisive, informative, and compelling analyses of Heidegger’s overall philosophy and of his changing ideas about space, spatiality, the clearing, places, sites, and dwelling. This study also charts the legacy of these ideas in philosophy, geography, architecture, and anthropology and includes a bibliography of selected works that examine or are influenced by Heidegger’s ideas on space.

"… Schatzki, Professor of Philosophy […] gives us perhaps the most rigorous treatment of Heidegger´s philosophy of space and ist application to geography yet. […] Schatzki´s exegesis on Heidegger is masterful […]. Martin Heidegger: theorist of space is a brilliant summation of a difficult philosopher and those who wishing to better understand the contributions (potential as well as realised) of Heidegger´s thought to critical human geography now have an excellent guide."

Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie 100, 2009/3

"...perhaps one of the clearest introductions to Heidegger’s thinking. […] highly recommended for anyone interested in issues of space and place. […] gives a profound introduction to Heidegger’s thinking of place and space, a commentary that does not necessarily require but undoubtedly generates considerable familiarity about the fundamental geographical aspects of Heidegger’s thinking."

Mikko Joronen, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 28, 2010

"[…] a concise introduction to Heidegger´s philosophy in general and, more particularly, his thoughts on space and human spatiality. I believe geographers who want to learn more about Heidegger as well as those who are already familiar with his work will find this new book of interest. Many geographers are likely to find the work intriguing, as I did, because of how it situates the thoughts of a major intellectuals´s overall philosophical work in relation to an explicit and implicit concern about space and spatiality. Additionally, the book uniquely charts the enormous impact of Heidegger´s discussion about space over a wide range of disciplines in the social sciences and humanities."

Tretter, Eliot M., Annals of the Association of American Geographers 98, 2008/4
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