Inter duo Imperia

Palmyra between East and West

Inter duo Imperia

Palmyra between East and West

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Palmyra – in the Roman imperial period, the marvel of the Syrian Desert was situated at the crossroads of the intercontinental long-distance trade, in a political and cultural twilight between the East and the West: inter duo imperia, "between the two empires", according to Pliny the Elder. How accurate is Pliny's description of the oasis of Tadmur? How strongly was Roman influence felt in the city of Bēl – and how did it develop over the centuries? What was the significance of trade? And how did the close interaction between sedentary and nomadic populations shape society in the oasis? The authors revisit the textual and material evidence on and from Palmyra in the light of recent research, spanning five centuries of Near Eastern history.

"Un livre stimulant, toujours clair, qui apporte des précisions utiles sur des points peu traités, et qui sur d'autres, continuera à nourrir le débat."

Maurice Sartre, Gnomon 94, 2022/7

"The volume is well-edited, and a clear thread can be traced through the chapters, presenting readers with a coherent body with seperate contributions enriching the arguments of one another."

Kate Honeker, Latomus 80, 2021/4

"[A] significant contribution to knowledge on various aspects of the past of Palmyra."

Edward Dąbrowa, Electrum 28, 2021
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