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Rex Martin (Hrsg.), Gerhard Sprenger (Hrsg.)

Challenges to Law at the End of the 20th Century

Band 1: Rights
Proceedings of the 17th World Congress of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR) Bologna, June 16-21, 1995

1. Auflage 1997.

ISBN 978-3-515-07071-3


K. Campbell: The Variety of Rights – J. R. Sieckmann: Basic Rights in the Model of Principles – U. Penski: Partikularität des Rechts und Universalisierung von Rechten – G. Holmström-Hintikka: Rights and Responsibilities – C. C. Gould: Group Rights and Social Ontology – M. Pavc&nik: Abuse of a Right – H. Matsuo: Historical and Theoretical Intimacy Between the Concepts of Rights and Property – R. Alexy: Discourse Theory and Human Rights – G. Peces-Barba Martínez: Los Derechos Humanos ante Problemas Clasicos de la Filosofia del Derecho – C. Velarde Queipo de Llano: The Case of Dworkin and his Critics – M. Tallachini: Human Right to the Environment or Rights of Nature? – D. Galloway: Constitutions, Civil Rights and Outsiders – J. I. Ugartemendia / J. Bengoetxea: A Right to Disobey? – T. D. Campbell: Communication Rights: Defaming Free Speech – B. Crum: Legal Deliberation about the Right to Free Speech – F. Peonidis: Remarks on a Philosophical Defence of the Right to Freedom of Expression – R. A. Shiner / M. Stephens: Advertising, Free Expression, and Public Goods – E. A. Christodoulidis: What Re-discovery of the polis? – W. L. McBride: The Rights of 'Aliens' and of Other Others – L. H. Meyer: Can Actual Future People Have a Right to Non-Existence? – W. Lang: The Concepts of Rights and the Rights of the Unborn – B. S. T. Mallén: Belonging to a Sect as a Possible Limit to the Right of Choosing the Education of One's Children – M. Corrado: Self-Defense, Punishment, and the State's Right to Detain – etc.


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