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Arend Soeteman (Ed.)

Pluralism and Law

Proceedings of the 20th IVR World Congress Amsterdam, 2001
Volume 3: Global Problems

1. Auflage 2004.
217 S.
ISBN 978-3-515-08446-8



Brenda M. Baker: Will Kymlicka on Minority Cultures and their Entitlements – Patricia Smith: Legal Reason, Human Rights and Plural Values – B. de Castro Cid: Some paradoxes about collective human rights – Winfried Brugger: The Common Good and Pluralism in the Modern Constitutional State – Carla M. Zoethout: Does the multicultural Society Require New Human Rights? An Appeal to the Ideal of Constitutional Democracy – Valentin Petev: Legal Ought and Moral Ought in a Pluralistic Society – John Mikhail: Islamic Rationalism and the Foundation of Human Rights – Kamal Hossain: Pluralism and the Law, Evolving legal frameworks for change in Muslim societies: some reflections – Kate McMillan: Non-indigenous minority rights in the neo-liberal state: the New Zealand experience – Agnes T. M. Schreiner: Observing the differences – Christoph Eberhard / Nidhi Gupta: Towards a Pluralist and Intercultural Approach to Law: Tackling the Challenge of Women’s Rights in India – Cees Maris / Sawitri Saharso: Honour Killing: A Case for Cultural Defence? – Albie Sachs: Towards the Revitalisation of Customary Law in an Egalitarian Constitutional Democracy – Christa Rautenbach: Legal Pluralism versus Gender Equality: The South African Scenario – Marek Smolak: Lustration and Reconciliation. Polish and South African experience – Luiz Fernando Coelho: The Future of Law and the Remembrance of the Future – Stephen C. Hicks: Spirit and Law: the legal person in a post-modern, global, hi-tech world – Barry J. Rodger: Globalisation and the Depoliticisation of Competition Law – David Castle: Legal Ontology and the Conservation of Biodiversity – Keith Culver: Returning to Normal: Can Corrective Justice Be Achieved When Genetically Modified Salmon Escape and Do Damage? – Willemien du Plessis / Johan Nel: Environmental Framework Law: a strategy towards integrating pluralistic legislation – Kimmo Nuotio: Making Sense of the ‘International’ and the ‘Regional’ in Criminal Law and Criminal Policy


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