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Yasutomo Morigiwa (Ed.)

Law in a changing world: Asian alternatives

Proceedings of the Fourth Kobe Lectures being The First Asia Symposium in Jurisprudence, Tokyo and Kyoto 10 and 12 October 1996

1. Auflage 1998.

ISBN 978-3-515-07262-5


Morigiwa Yasutomo: Values, Systems, and Jurisprudence in Asia
Kim Chang-rok: Where is the Korean Legal System Going? – Comments: Choi Chongko
Guo Daohui: The Democratization of Law: Rights in Contemporary Chinese
Daniel A. Bell: A Confucian Democracy for the Twenty-First Century – Comments: Nobuyuki Yasuda
Inoue Tatsuo: Liberal Democracy and "Asian Values" – Comments: Yang Seungdoo
Mizoguchi Yuzo: Confucian Ethics (li-jiao) and Revolutionary China – Comments: Terada Hiroaki
Adijaya Yusuf: Integrating the Country through Legal Reform: The Indonesian Experience – Comments: Timothy C. Lindsey


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