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Derek Morgan (Ed.), Gillian Douglas (Ed.)

Constituting Families: A Study in Governance

United Kingdom Association for Legal and Social Philosophy
19th Annual Conference at Cardiff, April, 1993

1. Auflage 1994.

ISBN 978-3-515-06481-1


Aus dem Inhalt:
Derek Morgan and Gillian Douglas: The Constitution of the Family; Three Waves for Plato
Michael Freeman: The Austin Lecture: The Private and the Public
Katherine O’Donovan: Love’s Law: Moral Reasoning in Family Law
Ruth Chadwick: Moral Reasoning in Family Law: A Response to Katherine O’Donovan
Bob Brecher: What is Wrong with the Family?
John Eekelaar: Parenthood, Social Engineering and Rights
Brenda Almond: Parenthood - Social Construct or Fact of Nature?
Kenneth Norrie: Medical Treatment of Children and Young Persons
John Haldane: Children, Families, Autonomy and the State
Sandra Marshall: Whose Child is it Anyway ?
Derek Morgan: Hope of Deliverance? The Metamorphosis of Surrogacy


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Dignity, Diversity, Anarchy
Proceedings of the Special Workshops "Human Dignity in Europe" and "The Anarchist Critique of the State, the Law and Authority" held at the 29th World Congress of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR) in Lucerne, 2019


Bernhard Kaiser
Streit und Kampf
Die verbalen Angriffe gegen Sokrates in Platons "Gorgias"