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William Watts Miller (Ed.)

Socialism and the Law.

United Kingdom Association for Legal and Social Philosophy, 17th Annual Conference at Bristol 4-6 April 1991

1. Auflage 1992.

ISBN 978-3-515-06190-2


Aus dem Inhalt:
Raymond Plant: The Austin Lecture: Socialism, End States and the Law
Chris Bertram: Would a socialist society be able to dispense with law?
Andrew Vincent: Socialism, Law and the State Tradition
Elizabeth Kingdom: Socialism, State and Law. Response to Andrew Vincent
David Feldman: The Left, Judicial Review and Theories of the Constitution
Hugh Collins: Social Market and the Law of Contract
Michael Luntley: The Long Aim of the Law? Response to Hugh Collins
Christine Sypnowich: Rights and Community, Feminism and Social Justice
Roger Brownsword: A Synthesis of Rights and Community: in a different register? Response to Christine Sypnowich


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