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Nicolás López Calera

Globalization, Law and Economy / Globalizaciòn, Derecho y Economía

Proceedings of the 22nd IVR World Congress Granada 2005. Volume IV

1st Edition 2007.
321 p.
soft cover
ISBN 978-3-515-08913-5


In six sections, the volume deals with different questions of political philosophy. The first section focuses on democratic theories, the second on conceptual debates, discussing topics such as collective rights, the terrorist phenomenon, Libertarianism and conceptions of freedom.
In a third section on contemporary debates, perspectives on sovereignity and legitimacy as well as discourse theory versus political liberalism are discussed.

The volume also features essays on democracy and law, and in a section entitled “Judicial construction of democracy” papers on constitutional reviews by judges in the Netherlands as well as the construction of democracy in the context of Latin-American democracies.
Finally, in the last section the volume deals with the European Constitutional Treatise, analysing the arguments and examining the legitimacy crisis and the main objections displayed against this treatise.


I. Globalization and Law / Globalización y Derecho:
Augusto Cerri: New and Ancient Implements of Legal Reasoning in the Framework of Globalization
Alexandra George: The (In)Justice of Globalisation by Intellectual Propertisation
Christopher B. Gray: World society and globalisation
Gema Marcilla Córdoba: La desregulación como técnica normativa de la sociedad global
Luis Martinez Roldan: Seguridad jurídica y derecho en un mundo globalizado
Francisco Puy Muñoz: Derecho Natural y Derecho de la Globalización
Christa Rautenbach: Rethinking South African Customary succession Laws in a Global Society
Carlo Rossetti: The adversarial system, professional monopoly and injustice
Csaba Varga: Reception of Legal Patterns in a Globalising Age

II. Globalization and Justice / Globalización y Justicia:
Nicolás López Calera: Globalización y Justicia
Z. Mimica: Is Global Justice Just another Utopia?
Rex Martin: Problems of Distributive Economic Justice in Rawls’s Law of Peoples
Stéphane Courtois: Global Distributive Justice and Cultural Diversity
Isabel Tamarit López: Influencia de las biotecnologías en los países en vías de desarrollo. Una teoría de la justicia desde el enfoque de las capacidades de Amartya Sen
Isabel Trujillo: International distributive justice and cosmopolitanism: some remarks from legal philosophy
Makoto Usami: Global Justice: Redistribution, Reparation, and Reformation

III. Globalization and International Law /Globalización y Derecho Internacional:
Nuria Belloso Martín: Orden jurídico internacional y globalización: nuevas perspectivas en Europa
Peter Van den Bossche: Rules on NGO Accreditation. Do Existing Legal Arrangements Facilitate the Legitimization of the Role of NGOs in International Organisations?
Alicia Cebada Romero: Algunas reflexiones en torno a la “fragmentación” del ordenamiento jurídico internacional en relación con las organizaciones internacionales
Ringo Ossewaarde / Liesbet Heyse: Cosmopolitan Legitimation of Humanitarian Intervention: Its Practical Consequences for NGOs
Eugenia López-Jacoiste Díaz: Estrategia global contra el terrorismo: algunas reflexiones prácticas
Rainer Nickel: The missing link in Global Law: Regime Collisions, Societal Constitutionalism, and Participation in Global Governance. A comment on Gunter Teubner’s systems theory approach towards transnational law
Jacob Dahl Rendtorff: Critical Theory and Deconstruction and International Law and Politics
Isabel Turégano Mansilla: Cosmopolitanism: Between the Philosophical and the Institutional Debate

IV. Globalization and Economy / Globalización y Economía:
Alberto Carrio Sampedro: Estado y legislación ante los procesos de regulación del mercado
Yuko Hashimoto: What Matters is Absolute Poverty, Not Relative Poverty
Isabel Novosad: Desplazamiento del Derecho de Propiedad en el Sistema Bancario
Don Ross: Poor Countries and Moral Critique of International Economic Institutions


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