Learning by Doing

Experiments and Instruments in the History of Science Teaching

Learning by Doing

Experiments and Instruments in the History of Science Teaching

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"Learning by Doing" is about the history of experimentation in science education. The teaching of science through experiments and observation is essential to the natural sciences and its pedagogy. These have been conducted as both demonstration or as student exercises. The experimental method is seen as giving the student vital competence, skills and experiences, both at the school and at the university level. This volume addresses the historical development of experiments in science education, which has been largely neglected so far.

The contributors of "Learning by Doing" pay attention to various aspects ranging from economic aspects of instrument making for science teaching, to the political meanings of experimental science education from the 17th to the 20th century. This collected volume opens the field for further debate by emphasizing the importance of experiments for both, historians of science and science educators.

"Sehr empfehlenswert für Studenten und für Wissenschaftler im Berufsleben."

Christian Ucke, Physik in unserer Zeit 43, 2012/2

"Learning by Doing is an excellent compilation of studies on the ways experimental sciences have been taught in the past. The book also sheds light on pedagogical ideas, material culture, and teaching practices as well as the complex web of reasons and interests that underlie classroom teaching."

Antonio García Belmar, Ambix 60, 2013/3

"A thought-provoking contribution to an important aspect of the history of science and as a potent demonstration of the range of sources historians could be exploiting."

Richard Dunn, Cambridge University Press 45, 2012/2
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