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Josep Aguiló-Regla

Logic, Argumentation and Interpretation / Lógica, Argumentación e Interpretación

Proceedings of the 22nd IVR World Congress Granada 2005. Volume V

1st Edition 2007.
206 p.
soft cover
ISBN 978-3-515-08914-2


The volume is divided into five sections. In the first chapter entitled „Theory of argumentation“, contributors debate the idea of a rational modification of beliefs as the basis of rational consensus, the Günther-Alexy debate, Opocher’s conception of justice which is taken from a descriptive level to an argumentative one, truth in the field of rhetoric and judicial argumentation as well as sincerity as a necessary condition for effectiveness in legal argumentation.

Further sections deal with “Analysis and representation of arguments”, “Contextualized judicial arguments”, “Norms and interpretations” and finally a section on “Logic” with contributions on the stit theory and logic problems in the formalization and representation of legal knowledge in constructing an expert system.


I. Theory of Argumentation / Teoría de la argumentación:
José Manuel Cabra Apalategui: Discurso, racionalidad y persuasión
Peng-Hsiang Wang: Coherence and Revision. Critical Remarks on Günther-Alexy Debate
Maurizio Manzin: Justice, Argumentation and Truth in Legal Reasoning. In Memory of Enrico Opocher (1914–2004)
Federico Puppo: The Problem of Truth in Judicial Argumentation
C.E. Smith: Sincerity in Legal Argumentation Theory
II. Analysis and Representation of Argumentation /Análisis y representación de argumentos:
Eveline T. Feteris: The Rational Reconstruction of Teleological-Evaluative Arguments
Harm Kloosterhuis: Ad Absurdum Arguments in Legal Decisions
Günther Kreuzbauer: Visualization of Legal Argumentation
III. Contextualized Judicial Argumentation /Argumentación judicial contextualizada:
Marko Novak: Limiting Courts: Towards Greater Consistency of Adjudication in the Civil Law System
Sonia Esperanza Rodríguez Boente: Los principios generales del Derecho en la argumentación jurídica
Thomas da Rosa de Bustamante / Denis Franco Silva: Prospective Overruling: Why and How it Should be Applied (The example of the Brazilian Legal Systen)
Stanislovas Tomas: Theory of Judicial Shamanism
Derk Venema: Formalism and Non-formalism in Occupied Holland and Belgium 1940–1945
IV. Norms and Interpretation / Normas e interpretación:
Jaap Hage: Why Norms are not Imperatives
Raymundo Gama Leyva: Some ideas about the nature of presumption rules
Josep Aguiló-Regla: On presumptions and Legal Argumentation
Marijan Pavcnik: Constitutional Interpretation
V. Logic / Lógica
Mateusz Klinowski: Theory of Action on a Tree
José Pedro Úbeda Rives: Problemas que el Derecho plantea a la lógica


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