Titel Altertumswissenschaften

Titel Altertumswissenschaften

Frederick E. Brenk

Clothed in Purple Light

Studies in Vergil and in Latin Literature, Including Aspects of Philosophy, Religion, Magic, Judaism, and the New Testament Background

1. Auflage 1999.
256 S. Frontisp., Kartoniert

€ 50,00

ISBN 978-3-515-07422-3


"In sum, an uneven collection (as would be and are most volumes of this sort), but this reader readily concurs with the judgment in the prefatory statement to this volume by Charles Segal – itself a model of how to phrase cautiously-restrained enthusiasm: there is something rewarding for every interested reader in each of these papers." Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Another book of Frederick E. Brenk: Relighting the Souls

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