Titel Altertumswissenschaften

Titel Altertumswissenschaften

Andreas Mehl (Hrsg.), Alexander Makhlayuk (Hrsg.), Oleg Gabelko (Hrsg.)

Ruthenia Classica Aetatis Novae

A Collection of Works by Russian Scholars in Ancient Greek and Roman History

235 p., 3 b/w ill. soft cover

€ 48,00

ISBN 978-3-515-10344-2


The book presents research mostly done by younger Russian scholars of ancient history to a readership that does not speak and read the Russian language. The articles cover a wide range of time and topics: Greek history from the archaic far into the Hellenistic period and Roman history from the republic to the empire – politics, finance, ideology, constitution, society with prosopography, and population. By sketching the peculiarities of research in antiquity in pre-revolutionary and socialist Russia and the conditions under which post-socialist classicists and historians work, an introductory article helps readers to understand the achievement of today's Russian studies in antiquity. Altogether the volume demonstrates that the actual Russian scholarship in ancient history has joined the international research and in which way this has been achieved.


"It is a fascinating read. [...] The variety of subjects and approaches represented in this collection is formidable."
Dina Guth, Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 2014.01.24.

"[D]ieser Band [ist] ein sehr gelungenes Unternehmen, dem man gerade in der heutigen Zeit, in der Zusammenarbeit erneut erschwert ist, möglichst bald Nachfolger wünschen möchte."
Balbina Bäbler Nesselrath, Sehepunkte 14, 2014/9

Dieser Band wurde außerdem rezensiert von:

Tassilo Schmitt, Historische Zeitschrift 301, 2015

Jean A. Straus, L'Antiquité Classique 83, 2014

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